Your Business Growth Plan

A structured framework…

Your Business Growth Plan will be a structured framework to transform any Business, regardless of industry type and size. We work with you and your Team to create the best strategy for your Business.

Your Business is made up of many complex elements and we can help you in all of these areas.

During Phase One & Two we work with you and your Team to build the RIGHT Growth Plan for you and your Business. By harnessing the knowledge within your Team and adding our tools and resources we are jointly able to create the best plan for your Business, this is the foundation to acheive your long term Business and Personal Vision.


Vision Development
Every Business needs a destination/vision.  We help you set your Personal Goals/Vision and then the Goals/Vision for your Business

Strategy Development.
The roadmap to help you reach your destination/vision.  This is a broad overview of the major strategies that will make your Business a success.

Structure Development.
The design of the organisation – The resources required to reach your Vision – plant, equipment, people.

Culture Development.
Contented Motivated people to drive the Business forward to acheive your Vision.


Products and Services.
What your Business offers to Customers & Clients. Discuss all the options available and choose the best ones.

Marketing & Sales.
The activity of selling your Products or Services to Customers or Clients.

The lifeblood of a Business. Creation of Forecasts & Cashflows.

Systems and Processes.
Essential to make things run smoothly and efficiently.


Monthly Strategy Sessions.
Implemententing the tasks from the Strategic Business Plan to acheive your Vision.

Monthly Management and Board Meetings.
Reporting & Measuring our progress (if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it).

Growing the Business.
If a Business is not growing it is dying.

Maximising Profit & Value.
Minimising Profit Leakage is an ongoing process.

Additional Services.
Extra activities to Supercharge your Business.

“We continue to meet regularly (with Thexton Armstrong) and we have expanded our profitable product offerings based on our discussions.  We have had a 30% uplift in turnover in the last 12 months- with a corresponding growth in Net profit as well as providing a healthy income for ourselves.”


Christine and Manuel, Mega Games

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