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Thexton Armstrong is a network of people with a common passion for business and helping business owners.

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We work long term with Business Owners (of all sizes) to help them improve the profit, growth and value of their Business.

We currently have over 100 Business Success Partners in New Zealand, Australia, England and The Netherlands.  We come from a range of backgrounds, engineering, hospitality, printing, beverages, sales, corporate management, and accounting – pretty much every business type you could think of.

We are not like many other stuffy “Consultants” or “Advisors” you may have met in the past, we understand the journey of owning your own business and work with you (and your team) to achieve the goals and dreams you had in mind, when you first started your business.

We use a system, we call the “Business Success Programme” to guide us through the process, it is unlike anything else available to assist Business Owners.  Our real power however comes from within our network.  As a network we share ideas, draw on each other’s backgrounds and skills to ensure we get the best results possible for our clients.

We don’t believe Business needs to be or should be an emotional and financial roller-coaster.

Thexton Armstrong – We are Taking Care of Business!

More than 100 success partners across New Zealand, Australia, England and The Netherlands.

Management Team

David Thexton

Managing Director

David Thexton has had a long and very successful career in New Zealand creating and building the largest privately owned beverage company in the country, Rio Beverages Ltd.

David started his work career as a commercial printer working for Comprint in South Auckland, gaining his trade certificate after doing an adult apprenticeship.

Soon after finishing his apprenticeship and while working at Comprint, David approached Radio I (an Auckland based radio station) to sponsor his Rally Car.  Seeing a budding salesman the Sales Manager offered him a job on the spot.  Very quickly David was able to display his tenacity and hardworking ethic to become the number one Sales Rep in the station.

Whilst at Radio I he was approached by a new station who was launching the new format of talk radio called Radio Pacific. David accepted the offer and very quickly built his Client base to the largest in the station. After two years at Radio Pacific he did a short stint in Hong Kong working for an advertising agency.

Upon returning to New Zealand he joined Radio Hauraki as Sales Manager, managing 14 Reps.  The station was losing money and David quickly established new systems and processes to dramatically increase sales, 400% in the first twelve months.  Unfortunately after two years Radio Hauraki was taken over by the corporate raider Ron Brierley who also purchased 6 other private stations in NZ. Nearly all staff were sacked in these businesses and he almost put the whole group out of business having no understanding of how to run a Radio Station network.

After Radio Hauraki David started Rio Beverages in 1982, buying a run-down fruit juice company, twenty years later Rio had over 300 staff and revenues of $100m NZD.  The Company had 16 brands and was the market leader in nearly all non-alcoholic beverage categories. During this time Rio made seven acquisitions, formed a joint venture with Cerebos Greggs Ltd in 1997, and then in 2002 the company was sold to the Coca Cola Corporation.

During 2003/2004, David realised a lifelong dream and was an owner/driver in the V8 Supercar Series.  A highlight was placing 16th at Bathurst.

David had a desire to help other Business Owners, and wanted to share the lessons he had learnt building his own company. Originally he looked to partner with an existing consulting or coaching organisation, however on investigation found none of these to be offering the help that a Business Owner really needs to be successful.   Hence in 2005 Thexton Consulting commenced offering high level consulting services to a wide range of businesses.  David has extensive skills in sales and marketing in both large and small companies and in the fast moving consumer goods industry.

His experience covers brand development, advertising, pricing negotiations, managing large and small sales teams, budgeting and sales forecasting.  He describes himself as having been “every size of business man” during the 20 years he owned and operated Rio Beverages.

Through working with his clients David developed a powerful consulting programme called the Business Success Programme that literally breathes life back into ailing businesses and in many cases saves them.

In 2009 David formed Thexton Armstrong with a then client of his, Wayne Armstrong, together they set out to empower and train consultants to use the tools that David had created to help Business Owners throughout NZ and Australia.

Amanda Morgan

Director, Administration & Marketing

Upon leaving school Amanda had no idea what she wanted to do for a career, she just knew she was destined to own her own business.

Studying Advertising & Marketing at Auckland AUT gave her a good foundation and put the multitude of business ideas swimming in her head into perspective.

One day when taking her fathers end of year information into his Accountant, the Accountant asked if she wanted a job.  She took the job and studied part time adding an Accounting major to her Marketing qualification.  Through combining the analytical Accounting with her creative Advertising and Marketing side she has a unique and versatile skill set.

Amanda worked in the Accounting Practice for almost 4 years and it gave her an appreciation for the struggles facing small business owners as well as the shortcomings of the Accountant/Client relationship.  At 21 she left and started her own business Remedy Small Business Centre providing small business owners (mainly tradesman) with assistance in the areas that they needed to run their businesses effectively.

After the sale of her business she joined the Lakeside Convention Centre, as the Financial Controller and later became the General Manager.  Once General Manager she built a solid management team around her and together they turned the struggling centre into one of Auckland’s top Wedding and Conference Venues.  During her time at LCC the team won many awards for Tourism, Local Business Excellence and Human Resource Management.    The centre was a subsidiary of BHP and gave Amanda an insight into the operations of such a large multi-national company and experience reporting under a board governance structure.

In 2003 she left NZ, and started an online commerce site in Australia, one of the first of its kind at the time.  She returned to NZ in 2011.

Amanda has been involved with Thexton Armstrong since its inception in 2009, initially in a support role and later purchasing Wayne Armstrong shares in the company.

She is a self-confessed business junkie.