Rescue, Improve, or Grow…

Do you feel like a Worker, Owner or Director in your Business???

Your answer to this reflects whether your Business is in Rescue, Improve or Grow….

A Business Diagnostic Session with a Thexton Armstrong Consultant will help identify where your Business fits within the Business Triangle.

This will help us determine the best course of action going forward. Together we will be able to come up with an accurate plan of what is the best way forward. What areas need to be addressed straight away, what the long term strategies are and how together we can acheive your Personal and Business Vision.

Where Does Your Business Fit?

You feel like the WORKER in your Business.

FOCUS: Juggling Cash

  • The Business is losing money.
  • As the Business Owner you receive no salary.
  • You are continually having to put money into the Business.
  • The Business is basically you, you do everything.
  • Most of your time is spent working IN the Business putting out fires.
  • You are at risk of the Business closing and losing everything you have worked for.
  • This Business requires immediate attention with a number of strategies required to release cash into the Business.
  • The Profit Leakage needs to be identified and fixed first so that the Business can be stabilised before it’s too late.
You feel like the OWNER in your Business.

FOCUS: Stability and Staff

  • Makes money but not reaching it’s potential.
  • Stable cash flow.
  • Well established Business.
  • You’d like to have more time to work ON the Business.
  • Owners receive salaries, no dividends are paid.
  • You have a high mortgage.
  • This Business has a low value.
  • Profit Leakage can be identified more readily and put back into the Business and the Owners pocket.
  • The options then become available to properly strategise the growth path of the Business and work on all the critical areas to make it successful and more profitable and valuable.
You feel like the DIRECTOR in your Business.

FOCUS:  Strategy and Planning

  • This is a valuable Business.
  • Making good money.
  • Excellent cash flow.
  • The Owners are receiving generous salaries and the Business is paying dividends.
  • Your Team is running the Business.
  • You have time to work ON the Business.
  • Opportunities exist to take the Business to the next level.
  • The right strategy needs to be developed with a clear plan, management and implementation of tasks across all areas of the Business.
  • If a Business in GROW isn’t managed correctly many start to lose profits and start to slip backwards.

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