Your Questions Answered

Here’s a list of common questions.

My Accountant is my Business Consultant.

That’s great if they are. We just like to make sure that all Business Owners are getting the best advice.

Traditionally Accountants are Financial Reporting & Taxation Specialists just as Lawyers are Legal Specialists. At Thexton Armstrong we are Business Improvement Specialists.

We think that all Businesses need a good Accountant, Lawyer and a top notch Business Consultant – the combined skills complement each other and ensures the ongoing success of the Business.

If at any time you are unsure about the advice or service you are currently getting – why not meet with a Consultant from Thexton Armstrong. The first three hours are free so you have nothing to lose and you will have something to compare your current consultant with.

My Business is too small to bother with a Consultant

EVERY large Business started small and then grew to the size it is today. Thexton Armstrong can help your Business reach its full potential. Our consultants work with you to turn your “small business” into a valuable asset that can be sold in the future to fund your future plans and retirement. We believe every Business regardless of the size has unrealised potential!

I am just in the “start- up” phase of my Business

If you are a start-up Business it is vitally important that you work with a Thexton Armstrong Consultant. A staggering three out of five new businesses go broke before their fifth birthday. We can bring much needed “experience” into your new business venture; we can use our experience to prevent you making unnecessary expensive mistakes. Our Consultants are continually being told “I wish I had met you when I started my Business, I could have saved myself a lot of money and stress.”

I’ve no need for a Consultant

We believe that “Success in Business” is achieved by surrounding yourself with the right people, rather than going it alone.

Thexton Armstrong works with a wide variety of businesses across Australia & NZ and we find profit leaking in every one of them! Big or Small our research show us that EVERY business leaks profit! Typically the profit leaking averages at 10% of the annual turnover.

I've had Consultants before – they just write up a plan and then nothing happens

Some Consultants/Coaches (not us) only help write plans as they often lack the experience to turn the plan into reality. Also implementation, or rather the lack of it, is a problem with many small and medium sized Businesses and it’s true that most plans sit on the shelf or in a drawer after they have been created. Thexton Armstrong Consultants take a different approach – we help get a good but simple plan prepared and then we help turn it into reality. We stay with you to make things happen. When a plan is done properly, it makes you consider the things that are necessary to make the Business run much more effectively and profitably.

How can a Consultant know more about my business than I do, I have owned this business for many years

A Thexton Armstrong Consultant brings complimentary skills, tools and resources to your business that you may not have. This creates a win/win relationship where the outcome is one plus one equal three. You work together as a Team over a long period to build your business into a profitable, growing valuable business, something you can sell and retire on if you wished.

How much is it going to cost?

This varies from Client to Client.  Every agreement is different and depends on the Business size and on what is required from Thexton Armstrong.  As a general rule the investment you make is returned many times over in the first few months of us working together, usually around 10:1. In other words you pay one dollar and get ten back in return, the returns will increase as the work we do together gains momentum.  The first two meetings are free and during these meetings our Consultant will show you how much profit is leaking from your Business, you will be amazed at the extra profit that could be available to you over the coming months.

How can you be so confident that you can help me?

Because nearly all Businesses are structurally similar, we believe that with our unique skills in creating successful Businesses and your industry specific skills, we can jointly make a huge success of your Business.  Simply put 1+1=3.

How quickly will I see results?

The Business Success Programme has been designed to start delivering results to the Business Owner very quickly; in fact you will see noticeable progress within 3 months of commencement.

What's the difference between you and my Accountant?

Your Accountant works with your Business past, analysing historical figures (the previous financial year) to work out your profit/loss and tax liability.

A Business Consultant works on the present and the future of your Business.

Sometimes your annual accounts are not completed for months after the end of the financial year, by then it is much too late to react effectively to declining profits, increased debt, reduced liquidity. Whilst this historical information is required to fulfil your tax obligations they are not the correct tool to help direct your Business -steering your business based on this historical information is like steering your car whilst looking out the rear view mirror, you can see what has happened and where you have been but it doesn’t help you get anywhere new or prevent you from avoiding dangerous situations.

Are you a Business Coach?

No! A Business Coach tends to work with the Business Owner on the Business Owner. We work with the Business Owner on the Business itself.

We are Business Improvement Specialists. Experience and skills in Business are necessary to get a Business performing at its best and most Coaches lack these necessary skills. Thexton Armstrong Consultants are not Coaches, they work with Business Owners just like you over the long term to improve their profitability, business growth and business value, in short they turn Business Owners into multi- millionaires.

Why is Thexton Armstrong different?

Many so called Business Consultants/Coaches just focus on one aspect of the Business.  A Thexton Armstrong Business Consultant is not a “one trick pony” we look at the Business as a whole – all the parts of a Business need to be working together, efficiently for the Business to succeed

Still have questions?

We’d like to answer them.